Alchemic Heart (Analog)

by Vampillia


"Alchemic Heart” to Be Released First Time as Vinyl by TEMPLE OF TORTUROUS on 30th of September!

Pre-Order is available by Temple of Torturous.

"Alchemic Heart" is a special project presented by Vampillia who have colored these two collosal compositions with beautiful contributions by Jarboe (Swans), Inswarm and Japanese Noise-God Merzbow. Layered strings, piano, bass, noise and voices are weaved mysteriously and expand as two magnificently parallel aesthetic worlds. Comprised of two pieces, Sea/Land, a primitive landscape is created via listening and destroyed when the pieces are complete.

Vampillia, much like the Boredoms, absorb rock, noise, modern composition, experimental music & pop and explode it out as hardcore spirit music. They hail from Osaka, Japan and are a brutal orchestra with 2 distinct vocalists backed by violins, piano, twin guitars, bass, drum Tatsuya Yoshida and Talow the Tornado.In the last few years, Vampillia have played, recorded and toured with artists as influential and varied as Attila Csihar (Sunn O))), Mayhem), Vincent Gallo, Thee Oh Sees, Nadja, Atlas Sound, Alcest, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Boris, Melt Banana and Merzbow among many others.

“With Godspeed You! Black Emperor again on the road, how many ensembles with sociopolitical messages and half hour attention spans do we really need ? We at least need Vampillia, especially here.” - Pitchfork

Deluxe vinyl release with golden pantone printing, limited to 500 copies only
New and Exclusive Artwork delivered by Metastazis (Ulver, Alcest, Sunn O))), etc)


released September 30, 2014




Vampillia Japan

Here is the next alternative music from Osaka where BOREDOMS had rised. Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Piano, Noise and several drums sounds are harmonized as one but it's difficult what's kind of music this is. Only we can say "a beautiful chaos".

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